Itaka Training is an organization based in Southern Italy a few kilometres away from the “Gods coast” famous for its breath-taking beach and seaside.

The organization is dedicated to professional training, EU project management, work experience and training for all ages, English and Italian language courses.

We organise professional development courses funded by KA1 under the Erasmus+ programme, for people involved in education who want to acquire new competences.

Courses include digital classrooms, Integration and Social inclusion in classroom, school management, Teaching through Arts activities etc.

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Associació Empresarial l’Alqueria Projectes Educatius is an association of secondary education school teachers, vocational education teachers and trainers of adult education in different disciplines that focuses its activities on the field of education, training and cultural promotion in the European environment.

Founded in October 2009 in Valencia, its main objectives are :

– Collaboration with countries of the European context in the promotion of education and culture.

– Promoting lifelong learning to enhance employability, especially for young people in Europe.

– Assistance in the training of secondary education school and vocational education teacher.

– Encourage the use of ICT in teaching and as communication tool.

– Dissemination of innovating teaching methods.

– Promoting European citizenship.

For this purpose, the association performs different activities addressed to different target groups in collaboration with government agencies, schools, companies and trade unions. These activities are:

– Organization and attainment of courses and seminars.

– Management and participation in European projects.

– Organization and participation in events and conferences in the field of education, culture and traditions.

– Management of mobilities.

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Established in 2011, Kairos Europe is a London based organisation promoting international education and training. We are dedicated to implementing programmes fostering cooperation and intercultural exchanges between European countries.

Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for learners of all ages, to help build on their skills and knowledge, nurturing positive life changes as well as improving career prospects.

We have contributed to the promotion and implementation of several international projects within the framework of established
European Programmes.

Our main areas of expertise are: Training for professionals in the education sector under the KA1 Staff Mobility: these courses focus on languages, digital classrooms, new teaching methodologies; welcoming and organising high standard work experience in London; English Courses, through partnerships with numerous UK based language schools, and Consulting on European Programmes funding procedures.

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Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology & research company whose main target is to develop new educational approaches through working in close cooperation with educational institutions, such as universities, schools, adult & vocational centers and educational oriented NGOs. Innovation Frontiers IKE believes that new generations grow up in a different world that requires new approaches to education. The company is exploring new ways of using modern technology and modern teaching methods to improve the lifelong learning environment and make learning more accessible and more fun. What is more the company integrates the implications of educational neuroscience in classroom so as to improve the efficiency of learning and teaching.
Moreover, Innovation Frontiers IKE develops, implements and coordinates educational projects related to virtual and augmented reality; robotics; online school tutoring; production of digital educational resources; development of multiplatform educational games; management and optimization of educational platforms; education for the media and integration of ICT in classrooms to enhance the learning process.


Gebze Public Education Center is a government institution. Our institution is located in Gebze in the northwest of Turkey, on the border of two big cities, Kocaeli and Istanbul. Gebze is a huge industrial town and it has a high rank of population and people migrate here from other regions of Turkey in
order to get a job.
Our institution has 4 administrators, 7 teachers and 3 officers. Annually, we have around 1.000 courses and more than 30.000 adult students within our institution and in cooperation with other public and private institutions in our town. For our courses, we provide teachers and experts from other schools and institutions. We not only open courses for adults, but also manage open elementary school and open high school. We have around 7.250 active students in these schools.